Finite-Time Distributed Control with Time Transformation


In this article, we propose distributed control algorithms for first- and second-order multiagent systems for addressing finite-time control problem with a priori given, user-defined finite-time convergence guarantees. The proposed control frameworks are predicated on a recently developed time transformation approach. Specifically, our contribution is twofold: First, a generalized time transformation function is proposed that converts the user-defined finite-time interval to a stretched infinite-time interval, where one can design a distributed control algorithm on this stretched interval and then transform it back to the original finite-time interval for achieving a given multiagent system objective. Second, for a specific time transformation function, we analytically establish the robustness properties of the resulting finite-time distributed control algorithms against vanishing and nonvanishing system uncertainties. By contrast to existing finite-time approaches, it is shown that the proposed algorithms can preserve a priori given, user-defined finite-time convergence regardless of the initial conditions of the multiagent system, the graph topology, and without requiring a knowledge of the upper bounds of the considered class of system uncertainties. Illustrative numerical examples are included to further demonstrate the efficacy of the presented results.


Mathematics and Statistics

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Center for High Performance Computing Research


Army Research Office, Grant W911NF-17-1-0582

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finite-time distributed control; multiagent systems; robustness; system stability; time transformation

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1049-8923; 1099-1239

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10 Jan 2021