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“The modelling of intake systems for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) was previously done on mainframe computers based on the Acoustic Wave Finite Element (AWFE) assembly procedure with input by files in fixed format. These caused problems with preparation and validation of input, and also, economy and ease of processing. Thus, a software package applying the AWFE assembly procedure in a microcomputer was created. Modelling was simplified by assigning global node numbers to each wave pair instead of the global degree of freedom (dof) numbers assigned to each wave in the induction system. The software is interactive, menu driven, and user friendly. Accessible software functions allow the user to develop, retrieve, edit, modify, view, validate, store, or process an input file. Graphic capabilities provide a tool to depict the induction system of interest, and also, to plot output data. All prompted input is well defined on each screen and graphical illustrations are included for clarity during input of data for all AWFE elements. Error trapping and diagnostic functions were supplemented to the software based on a criterion for node duplication, connectivity, and general node requirements. Lastly, an instructions manual is accessible in the software for user training. Testing performed ascertained the reliability of the software and conformance with the fundamental AWFE modelling procedure” -- Abstract, page iii.


Eversman, Walter

Committee Member(s)

Koval, Leslie Robert
Rigler, Kellam A.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Three plates, folded in the back pocket of the manuscript, are provided here as supplemental files. Due to their large size, these files may take more time to download.

This project was made possible through a grant from the industrial sponsor, AC Spark Plug Division of General Motors.


University of Missouri--Rolla

Publication Date

Spring 1992


xii, 294 pages

Note about bibliography

Includes bibliographical references (pages 292-293).


© 1992 Reynaldo Mayor Gonzales, Jr., All rights reserved.

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Thesis - Restricted Access

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T 6353

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Gonzales_Reynaldo_1992_plate1.tif (497828 kB)
Abridged program logic flowchart of the algorithm for connectivity analysis (Part 1)

Gonzales_Reynaldo_1992_plate2.tif (496458 kB)
Abridged program logic flowchart of the algorithm for connectivity analysis (Part 2)

Gonzales_Reynaldo_1992_plate3.tif (497150 kB)
Abridged program logic flowchart of ancillary algorithms for connectivity analysis

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