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"We report a pre-diagnostics breath analyzer based on the open-ended hollow coaxial cable resonator (OE-HCCR) to achieve real-time differentiation of healthy and compromised lung function through electromagnetic analysis of exhaled breath matter. A two-phase amplification scheme of electromagnetic signatures metered via the S11 phase curve offers high sensitivity to permittivity fluctuations in exposed airflow. The mathematical model of the breath analyzer is explained, followed by experimental validation of numerical findings from previous work. The collection of breath transient signals is performed through monitoring the reflected power magnitude and phase of the scattering parameter (S11) at the resonance frequency. Material fluctuations inside the active cavity of the resonator result in changes of the fringing electric field at the open end, which is metered through a shift in resonance frequency. Significant sensitivity amplification occurs near the resonance frequency due to the slope of the S11 phase curve.

Findings indicated that time transient signals corresponding to healthy breaths returned to 10% of their maximum amplitudes within 1 second at the terminus of the breath transient. The time transient signal for exhaled breaths can be subdivided into three distinguishable regions, allowing for further insight into breath matter content. Analyzing each region independently of one another offers insight into the rates of ingress, digestion, and egress of volatile and nonvolatile materials inside the active cavity of the probe throughout different stages of aerosol uptake, residency, and elimination. When the breath transient data is viewed as an integrated and self-consistent composite, additional details on the content of the exhaled breath can be deduced"-- Abstract, p. iv


Huang, Jie

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Donnell, Kristen M.
Jones, Charles R.
Watkins, Steve Eugene, 1960-


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2024


xiii, 81 pages

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