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Aarhus; kansas river alluvial aquifer; tem; ttem


"Forecasted urban development areas west of Kansas City, Kansas in the coming decades has caused an increase of research into water resources (Butler et al. 2022). A location of investigation has been the Kansas River Alluvial Aquifer (KRAA) for shallow ground water resources. To investigate the KRAA structure and grain texture, the towed transient electromagnetic system (tTEM) in conjunction with direct push electrical conductivity logs and lithology wells were used to investigate four locations between Lawrence and Manhattan, Kansas. In total, 110 line-kilometers of tTEM data was collected. The tTEM data collected were high quality and through inversions of the data were able to display resistivity information to a depth of investigation (DOI) of approximately 70 meters. To interpret these results, 31 local lithology wells were used to compare the tTEM data. From the lithology wells, three grain types were determined to be used for analysis: fine, medium, and coarse. Distributions of resistivity values for these grain textures were found by solving for resistivity values that match data from lithology well data most closely. Direct push electrical conductivity logs were used to validate the tTEM data, and the refusal depth of the lithology wells and direct push electrical conductivity were then used to characterize the bedrock with the tTEM results. Using inversion models and grain texture results, resistivity and grain texture profiles of the subsurface were developed covering a very large cross-sectional area. The methods implemented and developed in this study have increasing benefit of the deployment and analysis of tTEM data due to its low cost of deployment and the DOI the tTEM system can achieve in alluvial settings"-- Abstract, p. iii


Grote, Katherine R.
Smith, Ryan G.

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Maurer, Jeremy


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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M.S. in Geological Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2024


ix, 37 pages

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T 12363