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bioimaging; carbon nano-onions; explosive; luminescence; nanocomposites; nanodiamonds


"Luminescent nanodiamonds are photostable non-blinking fluorescent biocompatible, non-toxic, functional Zable materials made from high-pressure high temperature (HPHT) microcrystalline diamonds. For long, the scientific community has been investigating for a clean, efficient and cost-effective technique to reduce the size of fluorescent microcrystalline diamond into nanodiamonds. Their color center, responsible for the fluorescent properties are crucial for their applications, including biomedical imaging, nano sensing, quantum computing etc, and therefore should not be affected significantly by the method of size reduction applied. A novel size reduction technique that is based on explosive fragmentation was developed and the corresponding fragmented diamonds obtained were characterized based on their size and photoluminescence properties and shows great potential as an efficient, cost effective, and commercially scalable method.

Ceramics and glasses are at the cutting edge of advanced materials and provide solutions to global challenges in the environment, energy, manufacturing etc. Thus, a need for more sophisticated approach to enable quick, cheaper and superior research and development of new material compositions for future applications. Annealed nanodiamonds yield carbon nano-onions, which have unique electrical, mechanical and optical properties. In situ generated carbon nano-onion/silica glass composites with varying carbon nano-onion concentration produced via base catalyzed sol-gel chemistry were investigated for their mechanical optical and conducting properties. Homogeneous dispersion, atomic parking density, residual porosity and tightly bonded particles network within the silica glass matrix influence the properties of the resulted composites"--Abstract, p. iv


Mochalin, Vadym

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Ercal, Nuran
Nath, Manashi



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M.S. in Chemistry


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2020


xi, 97 pages

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