Masters Theses

Industry 4.0 remanufacturing: a novel approach towards smart remanufacturing /by Prashansa Ragampeta.

Prashansa Ragampeta


"Smart remanufacturing has become more popular in recent years as a result of its multiple benefits and the growing need for society to encourage a circular economy that leads to sustainability. One of the most common end-of-life (EoL) choices that can lead to a circular economy is remanufacturing. As a result, at the end-of-life stage of a product, it is critical to prioritize this choice over other accessible options because it is the only recovery option that retains the same quality as a new product. This work focuses on the numerous technologies that can aid in the improvement of smart remanufacturing; in other words, the various technologies that can be utilized to simplify the process of smart remanufacturing, enhance quality, and increase customer trust. A modern approach towards smart remanufacturing has been discussed in this paper, with an aim to fill the gaps in the current remanufacturing process. 67 research papers from three databases are used for this review : Science Direct, Web of Science, and Scopus"--Abstract, page iii.