Masters Theses

Zinc plating from alkaline non-cyanide bath /by Abdul Jalil Mohammed.

Abdul Jalil Mohammed


"Alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating baths are preferred when trying to avoid the toxicity of cyanide baths or corrosivity of acid baths. Without additives, alkaline zincate baths produce powdery non-adherent deposits which have no use in commercial plating. Additives must be added at optimum concentrations to produce adherent, bright and uniform zinc deposits. In this study electrochemical tests were used to determine effects of additives on cathodic polarization, throwing power and morphology of deposits. Current density distribution in a unique bath of 37.5 g L-1 Zn and 210 g L-1 NaOH was modelled using COMSOL and validated two plating cells with different geometries"--Abstract, page iv.