Masters Theses

Predicting radiated emissions from a cable harness through component level tests /by Fuwei Ma.

Fuwei Ma

Financial support of National Science Foundation (U.S.)IIP-1916535


"In this work, a procedure is developed to predict the radiated emissions from a cable harness using component-level tests. Direct measurement on the engine control unit is utilized to accurately characterize the equivalent common mode source voltages and impedance associated with the device. The cable harness geometry is reduced using the equivalent cable bundle approach by lumping wires according to the source and load impedance compared with characteristic impedance of the harness, which dramatically reduces the measurement effort and allows practical 3D full-wave simulation of the radiated emissions. Radiated emissions are predicted from an engine control unit (ECU) and an attached harness under a variety of harness configurations. The proposed procedure was validated through the comparisons of radiated emissions and measurements. Simulated emissions matched those from measurements within 6 dB across multiple cable configurations"--Abstract, page iv.