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Adsorption; Alumina; Aminosilane; Bismuth; Iodine; Radioactive


“Radioactive materials have spread due to careless disposal and nuclear disasters. Some radionuclides can exist in an aqueous media, like radioactive iodine. As a result, in this work amine-functionalized mesoporous alumina was developed to adsorb radioactive iodine from the liquid phase. Bismuth was incorporated, using a wet impregnation method, to test it as a possible silver replacement. Amine grafting was used to functionalize the surface of the mesoporous alumina. All materials prepared in this work were characterized by N2 physisorption, FTIR and TGA to determine the textural properties, surface functionality, and amine loading. The synthesized materials were tested for iodine adsorption in batch experiments. The effect of initial iodine concentration, temperature, contact time, bismuth loading, amine chain, and amine loading were studied in this work. The iodine adsorption capacities were obtained, and it was found that Bi15/Al-DMAPS had the highest iodine adsorption capacity of 215 mg/g in the first paper; whereas, Al-DMAPS had the highest iodine adsorption capacity of 241 mg/g in the second paper. BET surface areas were also obtained and found to be 176 and 191 m2/g for Bi15/Al-DMAPS and Al-DMAPS, respectively”--Abstract, page iv.


Rownaghi, Ali A.

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Rezaei, Fateme
Ludlow, Douglas K.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


The author thanks his sponsor, the Saudi Arabian Culture Mission to the US (SACM), for the financial support during his academic study.


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2020

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  • The effects of amine loading and bismuth content on iodine immobilization performance of aminosilane-grated Bi/Al₂O₃ adsorbents
  • Adsorption of iodine from aqueous solution by aminosilane-grafted mesoporous alumina: Effects of amine type and content


xii, 64 pages

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Thesis - Open Access

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T 11971