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Airbnb; Eye-Tracking; Online Content; Technical Communication; User Preferences


This research examines the effectiveness of rural Airbnb listing content in influencing user decision-making. The peer-to-peer economy has been rapidly growing over the past decade, providing new opportunities for individuals to offer goods and services to other individuals through corporate platforms. Specifically, the Airbnb platform has rapidly grown, becoming the largest online platform for peer-to-peer property rentals, and one of the largest companies in the peer-to-peer sector of the economy. Previous research on the Airbnb platform has focused primarily on urban areas; however, Airbnbs have a proportionally large impact on local economies in rural areas.

Several methods were employed to evaluate the preferences and behavior of Airbnb users. First, an online survey was conducted to collect the self-reported priories of Airbnb users who are interested in, or have experience traveling to rural areas. Then, an eye-tracking and concurrent think-aloud study was conducted to investigate the behavior and motivations of users while interacting with, and ultimately choosing between 3 Airbnb listings. The results of the survey and the results of the eye-tracking and concurrent think-aloud study provide valuable insight into the decision-making processes of Airbnb users, and what content most appeals to them while choosing an Airbnb property to book. The findings of this research provide practical recommendations for rural Airbnb hosts. These recommendations are intended to improve the effectiveness of listing content in rural areas, providing hosts insights into the preferences, expectations, and behavior of Airbnb users who visit rural areas”--Abstract, page iii.


Davis, Carleigh J.

Committee Member(s)

Malone, Edward A.
Reardon, Daniel C.
Wright, David


English and Technical Communication

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M.S. in Technical Communication


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2021


x, 128 pages

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Includes bibliographic references (pages 120-127).


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T 11952