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“The goal of this project is to model and control a novel unidirectional cascaded multilevel bridgeless rectifier as an active front end in medium and high voltage applications. This topology has many advantages over a conventional cascaded H-bridge rectifier, such as lower implementation cost, higher reliability, and greater flexibility with similar power quality. The complete design process of the proposed converter is developed step by step in order to meet all the desired objectives. The steady-state mathematical model is used to develop a method for the voltage balancing of dc cells. Power factor analysis is discussed to mathematically derive requirements for the number of partially controlled and fully controlled H-bridges in the proposed H-bridge converter. Power loss, efficiency, and cost comparison studies between the traditional cascaded H-Bridge converter and the proposed bridgeless converter demonstrate the advantages.

After exploring various well-established control methods, a novel control strategy is proposed to achieve dc voltage balancing, fast and robust grid synchronization, power factor correction, and elimination of zero crossing current distortion under both balanced and unbalanced load conditions. The converter can also be used for reactive power compensation in a grid tied power system if a sufficient number of fully controlled H-bridge modules are included. Processor-In-the-Loop (PIL) simulation has been the utilized to validate the performance of discrete control structure. Simulation and experimental results validate the models and control method”--Abstract, page iii.


Kimball, Jonathan W.

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Ferdowsi, Mehdi
Bo, Rui


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


The author gratefully acknowledges the financial support provided by the Intelligent Systems Center at Missouri S&T. In addition, this material is based upon work supported by the Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office under Award Number DE-EE0008449.

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Intelligent Systems Center


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Summer 2020


ix, 54 pages

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Includes bibliographic references (pages 51-53).


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Thesis - Open Access

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T 11749

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