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Yuanzhuo Liu

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Blind source separation; EMI; NFS; TRP


"Electromagnetic emission is critical in the electronic industry with the rapid growth of the development of the electronic device. To identify the emission from the multipule sources, two methods are proposed in the near field scan and total radiated power measurement respectively.

The first method can be applied in the measurement of the field generated by multiple non-correlated sources. The contribution of each source is determined using a blind source separation (BSS) technique. The measurements are performed using one scanning probe and stationary reference probes, avoiding the need to measure the spatial correlations of the random field. The resolving result can be used to localize the emission sources and their contribution to the far-field pattern. The method was tested on different signals with amplitude and frequency modulation.

Another method for the total radiated power (TRP) measurement of multiple non-correlated emission sources in a reverberation tent is proposed. The method can resolve the contributions of each source, which is critical for noise source identification in complex electronic systems. Blind source separation (BSS) is implemented in relatively short periods to avoid the influence of the stirring of the reverberation tent. The BSS results can be resolved to the TRP of the individual sources through an averaging cancellation method. The method might be useful in situations when no direct access to the sources is possible or desirable to obtain a signal reference and all measurement probes should be placed in the far-field zone"--Abstract, page iv.


Fan, Jun, 1971-

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Khilkevich, Victor
Hwang, Chulsoon


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Fall 2019

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  • Scanning of random fields using blind source separation
  • Measurement of the total radiated power contributions in a reverberation tent


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