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Teresa Gelles


"This reports the results of experimental studies aimed at characterizing the transport properties of promising adsorbents for various gas capture processes by the "zero length column" (ZLC) technique. ZLC was used to measure the intracrystalline diffusivities of single and binary components of ethane and ethylene in powder and pellet samples of paraffin-selective adsorbents Ni(bdc)(ted)0.5 (Ni-BT) and ZIF-7 for the purpose of olefin/paraffin separation. Results show that binary gaseous systems result in intracrystalline diffusion time constants slightly lower than those in single component gaseous streams due to coadsorption effects. It was also found that ethylene diffusion was affected by surface resistances due to strong interactions between the C-C double bond at adsorbent pore entrances. Additionally, CO2 sorption kinetics of poly(ethylenimine) (PEI)-impregnated MIL-101, γ-alumina, and UVM-7 silica were investigated via ZLC for the purposes of understanding the effect of amine-content, adsorbent porosity, and adsorption temperature on CO2 sorption rates. It was found that increasing the amine content resulted in diminished diffusion rates and that microporous MIL-101 yielded substantially slow desorption rates upon amine-functionalization compared to mesoporous γ-alumina. Additionally, research yielded faster sorption kinetics at higher temperatures for PEI-impregnated silica and showed that upon desorption, this material exhibited two distinct regions of mass transfer control that is best explained by first the occurrence of surface diffusion followed by diffusion out of the branched PEI amine"--Abstract, page iv.


Rezaei, Fateme

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Rownaghi, Ali A.
Smith, Joseph D.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2019

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  • Diffusion kinetics of ethane, ethylene, and their binary mixtures in ethane-selective adsorbents
  • Diffusion kinetics of CO₂ in amine-impregnated MIL-101, alumina, and silica adsorbents


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