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Bio-active glass; Biodegradable; Fiber; PDT; Resonator; RLC


"Implantable biomedical devices have a high potential to revolutionize health care technologies in near future. Implantable devices can be classified as permanent prosthetic devices such as pacemakers or nerve stimulants and temporary devices for intermediate monitoring and control scenario which are still in research phase. In contrast to permanent device, temporary implants lose functionality and become unnecessary after intended operational lifetime which may pose serious electromagnetic and biomedical safety concern, latent complications at the implanted sites and possible ethical issues if not removed from body by an additional surgical operation.

The first paper of this thesis focuses on exploring the feasibility of implantable inorganic bioresorbable thin film inductive devices utilizing borate glass as the substrate material. This inductive device is fully functional for a desired time inside simulated body fluid and then completely dissolves without causing any safety issues.

The second paper of the thesis demonstrates a new concept of biodegradable optical devices based on specially formulated reactive phosphate-based glass for potential theragnostic (therapy and diagnosis) applications. This work is focused on the feasibility test of biodegradable glass based light-guiding device for potential application to light-activated therapies.

These feasibility studies are expected to continue to a variety of useful sensing and actuation (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow etc.) and light guiding applications (e.g. photodynamic) which can be applied to many biomedical areas"--Abstract, page iv.


Kim, Chang-Soo

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O'Keefe, Matthew
Day, D. E.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Summer 2016

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  • Water-soluble glass substrate as a platform for biodegradable solid-state devices
  • Biodegradable optical fiber for temporary therapeutic applications


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