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"This study investigates the evolution of Dan Salt Structure in the southern salt dome province, Danish Central Graben and Mars-Ursa Basin in the Northern Gulf of Mexico to understand salt and sediment interaction over time under different geologic regimes. An integration of structural and stratigraphic analyses is conducted to understand the relationship between halokinesis and sedimentation.

Interpretation of the seismic data in Dan Salt Structure shows that the structure has a complex geometry, which is divided into upper and lower parts. The evolutionary stage of both the upper and lower parts of the structure has been influenced by salt. The structure is determined as a wall-and-sill complex that relates extensional tectonics and is interpreted as an asymmetric roller-type salt structure within the NNW-SSE fault. Interpretation of the seismic data in Mars-Ursa Basin shows that the basin is a salt withdrawal minibasin and surrounded by Allochthonous salt bodies. The seismic data covers two salt bodies, namely, Salt Body A and Salt Body B. Active salt diapirism was observed at the eastern edge of Salt Body A. Active diapirism shows elongation in N-S direction and is accompanied by growth faulting. Gas hydrate related to active diapirism and faulting is also recognized above Salt Body A. Reactive salt diapirism is observed at the eastern edge of Salt Body B. Reactive diapirsim shows elongation in the E-W direction and accompanied by normal faulting.

Although the Northern Gulf of Mexico and Danish Central Graben has different geological history, both the Dan Salt Structure and the Mars-Ursa Basin went through regional extension locally. It is known that there is direct relation between diapirism and regional extension. While the Mars-Ursa Basin represents active and reactive salt diapirism, the Dan Salt structure represents a wall-and-sill complex. A possible reason why Dan Salt Structure did not become diapiric is the allochthonous movement in the Triassic strata"--Abstract, page iii.


Liu, Kelly H.

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Gao, Stephen S.
Anderson, Neil L. (Neil Lennart), 1954-


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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M.S. in Geology and Geophysics


Turkish Petroleum Corporation


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2018


xi, 72 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 66-71).


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