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Ling Zhang

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EMI Coupling Paths; EMI Mitigation; Emission Source Microscopy; Optical Transceiver Modules; Source Localization; Sparse Sampling


"In Paper I, Sparse Emission Source Microscopy (ESM) methodology will be introduced and discussed for the localization of major EMI radiation sources in complex and large systems. Traditional ESM method takes abundant and uniformly-distributed scanning points on the scanning plane using a robotic system, which can provide high-quality source images but consumes too much time. This section presents a sparse and nonuniform sampling technique for ESM, which is more time-efficient in identifying major radiation sources, even though the image quality is sacrificed. The feasibility of sparse sampling is mathematically proved, and it is shown that increasing number of points increases the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of reconstructed images. What's more, a nearest neighbor interpolation method is utilized to estimate the radiated power in real-time scanning. Thus, back-propagated images and estimated radiated power can be obtained in real-time measurement, which can efficiently and instantaneously provide the locations and the radiation strengths of the most significant emission sources.

In Paper II, EMI coupling paths and mitigation of optical transceiver modules are investigated. Optical transceiver modules are commonly used in telecommunication and data communication systems, and are significantly troublesome at their operation frequencies and/or harmonics. In this section, simulations and measurements are performed on optical transceiver modules, and total radiated power (TRP) is also measured, to identify and characterize the EMI coupling paths. Currents on the silicon photonic sub-assembly conductor housing and optical fiber connection ferrule are identified as a dominant radiating source. EMI mitigation methods are developed and shown to be effective in reducing the radiated emissions from real product hardware"--Abstract, page iv.


Pommerenke, David

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Drewniak, James L.
Khilkevich, Victor


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2017

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  • Sparse emission source microscopy for rapid emission source imaging
  • EMI coupling paths and mitigation in optical transceiver modules


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