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Ceramic Disk Filters; Ceramic Filters Under Pressure; Water Filtration


"Ceramic pot filters (CPFs) have proven an effective point of use (POU) filter due to their relative low cost, ease to manufacture, and effectiveness at treating contaminated water. These filters are used by individual homes, and sometimes multiple filters are needed for each home in order to produce enough water for the family's household. If these filters could be used in-line with a pumping system or elevated storage tank, water could be filtered and used on demand for a community in an economically feasible way. However, CPFs are too fragile to use under pressure due to the weak points where the side wall and the bottom of the filter meet and the difficulty of keeping CPFs tightly sealed to an apparatus.

To use ceramic filters in a system under pressure, ceramic disks were manufactured and housed in a special apparatus designed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a rubber coupling, and hose clamps. Ceramic disks were made with varying thicknesses and clay to sawdust ratios. Filters were tested under pressures of 5 and 10 psi to determine flowrate and microbiological efficacy, based on total and fecal coliforms, at these pressures. Filters with log reduction values (LRV) of 2 or greater were considered effective, based on standards presented by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Initial results show that ceramic disk filters could be an effective way of filtering water in a closed system under pressures of 10 psi. From testing, it was determined that filters with thicknesses of 1.25 inches were the most effective at meeting the WHO removal requirements with the highest flowrate. Porosity of the filters did not contribute to the removal effectiveness. Filters with clay to sawdust ratios of 6 to 1 by mass proved the most effective during testing"--Abstract, page iv.


Guggenberger, Joe D.

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Elmore, A. Curt
Reidmeyer, Mary R.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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M.S. in Geological Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2017

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Use of ceramic pot filter (CPF) technology under pressure in an in-line pumping system


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