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Cui Zou

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Continuous improvement; Mobile commerce; Quality management; Shopping; Supply chain management; Walking


Many researchers agree that supply chain management is at the root of addressing customer values and increasing customer satisfaction. However, in reality the route to accomplishing these goals is not so clearly defined. The studies herein attempt to shed some insight on a special perspective to bridge the gap between supply chain and customer experience. The ideas behind these studies explore the notion that customer experience can be impacted by a vast spectrum of factors from suppliers to even the specific mobile commerce (m-commerce) tools they use.

To gain insight into the supplier dimension of the supply chain, a survey was conducted to examine quality professionals' familiarity with quality management tools, their organizations' quality assurance programs, as well as training for their suppliers. For the m-commerce aspect, a between-subject experiment was delivered to explore the relationship between physical mobility and consumer behavior and experiences. The results of these studies show that quality training offered to suppliers enable significant quality increase, significant time saving benefits, and significant financial benefits in the organizations that use these suppliers. Also, the quality increase and time saving in supply chain are usually positively correlated to better customer experience. They also show that walking, or mobility, while shopping increases the time spent on a specific shopping task, which in turn, influences the customer experience--Abstract, page iv.


Elrod, Cassie, 1979-
Stanley, Sarah M.

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Twyman, Nathan


Business and Information Technology

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M.S. in Information Science and Technology


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Summer 2016

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  • Quality’s impact on the supply chain: A supplier to customer view
  • Shopping on the go: How walking influences mobile shopping performance


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Mobile commerce
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