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Gorkem Yagci

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3D Seismic Interpretation; Depositional Environment; Petropyhsical Analysis; Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation; Seismic Structural Interpretation; Tui-3D Field; Taranaki Basin; New Zealand


"Identifying seismic structures and stratigraphy are important for exploration of hydrocarbons. The purpose of this study is to discover seismic structural and stratigraphic features and to utilize the results for interpreting depositional environments. A 3D seismic dataset from the Tui-3D Field, the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand with well data were used to visualize structures, to detect stratigraphic features, to identify main lithology, to understand depositional environment, and to describe seismic facies and reflection patterns of the target horizons. The major formations are in the Kapuni Group.

Seismic structural interpretation indicates thirty-two minor faults, which may play an important role in oil migration from the Farewell "F" Sand to the Kaimiro "D" Sand, and many anticlines for possible oil traps. Depth maps show that the dipping of the Kapuni Group is toward the north. Seismic stratigraphic interpretation reveals features such as lineaments, gullies, and channels, which provide an understanding of evolution of the formations. The Kahu channel was identified in the Farewell "F" Sand, which may be a potential trap for oil accumulation. Gullies, which were discovered within the Giant Foresets Formation, are NW-SE oriented, straight to low sinuous, U-shaped, roughly parallel to each other, up to 12 km long, 10-50 m deep, and 20-500 m wide. NW-SE oriented and high to moderate sinuous channel complexes were found in the Moki "A" Sand. Lineament features and a canyon, which is NW-SE oriented, straight to low sinuous, approximately 2 km wide, 260 m deep, and 10 km long, were detected in the shallower part of the area. Petrophysical analysis demonstrates high porosity range from 10% to 25%, and high permeability up to ~322 md for the Kapuni Group"--Abstract, page iii.


Liu, Kelly H.

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Gao, Stephen S.
Yang, Wan


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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M.S. in Geology and Geophysics


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2016


xvi, 123 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 117-122).

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New Zealand


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Seismic prospecting -- New Zealand
Seismic reflection method -- Data processing
Seismology -- New Zealand -- Charts, diagrams, etc.

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T 10899

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