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Electromagnetic interference; Channel emulator; EMC/EMI; Lossy materials; Near field scanning; Phase measurement


"In Section 1, the emission source microscopy (ESM) methodology will be introduced and used to identify the sources of radiation on different DUTs. As the new technology generation, the integration density and the operating speed of integrated circuits have been increasing steadily. However, root cause diagnostics to locate the source of EMI radiation is more problematic in the complex system. The ESM technique provides a powerful tool to detect and characterize the active sources of radiation. The amplitude and phase of fields are measured on a plane away from the DUT, and this measurement can get rid of the evanescent waves influence in the near field. The ESM algorithm is then applied to propagate the fields back to the source plane and to localize the sources of radiation. The ESM method is used on different DUTs at different frequencies to evaluate the source identification performance. The results show that the proposed method is capable of detecting multiple active sources on a complex system.

In section 2, the possibility of building channel emulators by utilizing fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing technology is investigated. The FDM 3D printing provides a rapid and economic method to produce parts with different shapes. An optimizing algorithm was developed for obtaining the printing pattern and loss profile. Those parts with different dielectric constants and loss tangents will be printed on a low loss transmission line to modify its transmission or reflection. As a result, different channel emulators can be built to emulate the S-parameter and eye diagrams of a target channel with the advantage of avoiding complicated electronic components"--Abstract, page iii.


Pommerenke, David
Drewniak, James L.

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Fan, Jun, 1971-
Zheng, Y. Rosa


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2015


ix, 71 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 65-70).


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Electromagnetic interference
Electromagnetic compatibility
Near-fields -- Measurement
Synthetic aperture radar
Three-dimensional printing

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T 10787

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