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"Nineteen perciform species from the lower Cenozoic and one Recent species are described, and included under eight genera. The main characters that were considered as generic are the outline of the sagitta and the structure of the sulcus. The other features of the otolith were regarded as secondary in importance. The characters that were believed to be valuable at specific level are almost the same as those for the genus but in more detail. These species are considered to be within the Suborder Percoidei. The fossil species of "Nemipterus" were put in the Family Nemipteridae as they resembled the Recent N. virgatus (Houttuyn). Genus E is found to resemble closely the Recent Boops boops (leaf) of the Family Sparidae. Genus A resembles the Recent Brachydeuterus auratus of the Family Pomadasyidae. Genus D resembles Otolithus (Carangidarum) americanus Koken. A survey of Recent perciform sagittae was made, specimens from 345 species having been examined. The morphological features of the otolith of the Order Perciformes were studied. The valuable characters for the subordinal, familial, generic, and specific levels were evaluated. Lineages are suggested for "Nemipterus" and Genus E. In the first, three divergent lines are indicated: a main one ranging from Paleocene to Recent and containing five species; and two offshoots, one occurring in the upper part of the Vicksburg group, Oligocene. In Genus E three lines also are suggested: a main one ranging from middle Eocene to Oligocene, containing three species; and two offshoots, both occurring in the Oligocene. The changes that were recognized in these two lineages are the outline of the sagitta, structure of the sulcus, and relative height of the otolith"--Abstract, pages ii-iii.


Frizzell, Don L. (Donald Leslie), 1906-1972

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Gale, Nord L.
Spreng, Alfred C., 1923-2012


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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M.S. in Geology


University of Libya


University of Missouri--Rolla

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vii, 111 pages, 7 plates

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 116-121).

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Gulf Coast


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Otoliths, Fossil -- Mississippi -- Gulf Coast
Paleontology -- Cenozoic
Paleontology -- Holocene

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T 2591

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