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Ray W. Fahien


"The purpose of this investigation was to determine the freezing temperatures of the system aniline-ortho toluidine and to speculate on the theoretical significance of these results. The properties of this system are of considerable practical engineering interest since the system falls in a class of low-freezing organic mixtures which may have value as fuels for jet propulsion devices required to operate at extreme altitudes or in Arctic regions. Since nitric acid has been found to be a very effective and convenient oxidizer, the search for a suitable fuel to be used in combination led to aniline as having the most desirable properties. Aniline itself however suffers from the disadvantage of having a freezing point of -6 degrees C which is too high to be satisfactory at the low temperatures encountered under field conditions. The problem of selecting a proper additive which would lower the freezing point, but yet allow the retention of the desirable chemical properties of aniline, led to the suggestion that one of the toluidines, which are chemically similar to aniline, would serve this purpose excellently. Ortho-toluidine was selected for study in this investigation because preliminary work had already been accomplished and because its freezing point lies between those of its other isomers, while the freezing points of the mixtures were not expected to be so low as to be too difficult to measure with only solid carbon dioxide available as a coolant. Also, of the two low-freezing isomers, the ortho is easiest to manufacture. From a theoretical, as well as from a practical standpoint, the system is of considerable interest. Rough measurements made by Sage and Hough indicated that the compound (ortho toluidine)(aniline)₂ might exist but gave no theoretical reason for its existence nor was its structure suggested. The results of this investigation confirm the existence of the compound C₇H₉N (C₆H₇N)₂ and a possible explanation, based on the concept of hydrogen bonding, for its existence has been developed"--Introduction, pages 1-2.


Cooley, Robert A.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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v, 63 pages

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Freezing points

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