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"The purpose of this study was to determine what effects the presence of selected biodegradable detergents have on the aeration of water and the activated sludge process for aerobic wastewater treatment. The detergents studied were LAS #1, Alfol, and Nalkylene. It was of particular interest to determine if these detergents decreased the oxygen absorptive capacities of water and wastewater. If detrimental effects were produced by the detergents it was then desired to determine if these effects were serious enough to create problems with aerobic wastewater treatment and aeration in receiving bodies of water.

A two liter volume of the liquids were aerated by bubble aeration at rates of 300 and 600 ml/min/1. The effects produced by the presence of 2, 5, and 10 mg/1 of each detergent on the rate of oxygen transfer and oxygen saturation concentration of distilled water, tap water, and activated sludge were compared with the effects exhibited by similar aeration of the same volume of liquid without the presence of detergent.

It was found that each detergent did not produce the same degree of effect in the different liquids. It was found to be possible for a detergent to decrease the oxygen transfer rate and oxygen absorptive capacity in distilled water and tap water yet increase the oxygen transfer rate and oxygen absorptive capacity of the activated sludge over that which existed when the detergent was not present.

The degree of effect produced by the detergents was not always proportional to the concentration of detergent. The rate of aeration was noted to be capable of causing a change in the effects produced by the detergents "--Abstract.


Kincannon, Donny F.

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Conrad, Frank H., 1902-1983
Roberts, J. Kent, 1922-2014
Tappmeyer, Wilbur P.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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M.S. in Civil Engineering


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University of Missouri at Rolla

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Detergents -- Biodegradation
Water -- Aeration
Sewage -- Purification -- Activated sludge process

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