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Chang-Yu Wu


In control systems engineering it is frequently necessary to compensate a fixed plant whose transfer function cannot be changed. Usually the characteristics of the resulting system are established in terms of steady-state and transient performance specifications. Generally it is necessary to insert a compensator which insures stability as well as satisfies the specifications.

In this thesis an analytical method is developed to determine the transfer function of the compensator in order to satisfy the following set of specifications. The fixed system is assumed to contain one non-linearity, saturation. The input to the saturable device is constrained in a statistical sense to be within the linear range. In addition, two performance indices are used to show the characteristics of the system. First, the time integral of the square of the error between the ideal output and the actual output Is used as the performance index of the transient signal. Second, the mean-square of the error between the ideal output and the actual output Is used as the performance index for random signals. The relative importance of the performance indices to the system Is considered by including a weighting constant.

The minimization of the weighted performance indices in the presence of the linear range constraint forms the analytical basis by which the required compensator is found. The solution to this problem is shown to be essentially the solution of the Wiener-Hopf integral equation”--Abstract, pages ii-iii.


Chenoweth, Robert D.

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Scrivner, Jack M., 1929-2004
Betten, J. Robert
Nelson, John August


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


University of Missouri at Rolla

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