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"Paints and related organic materials provide the most widely used means of protecting metals against corrosion. While corrosion measurements are based on a full range of quantitative methods in physical and analytical chemistry, the basic problem of evaluation work in the field of paint chemistry has been characterized by empirical testing procedures. Field tests are still of major importance and secondly, the relative value of paints may be predicted through exacting laboratory tests. However, the results of accelerated exposure tests have never successfully been correlated with service experience despite the efforts of many laboratories over a period of 35 years ... The specific purposes of this investigation were: 1. check the practicality of making some x-ray measurements of corrosion through paint films. 2. investigate changes on exposure to warm humid air, in the wustite (FeO) layer of high temperature scale of hot-rolled steel by x-ray diffraction. 3. attempt an aggregation of rust by high temperature inert baking in order to effect x-ray diffraction. 4. attempt paint removal by heating in either oxygen or inert atmospheres and check for changes in the substrate diffraction patterns. 5. make a study of paint removal by solvent of some weathered painted steel panels"--Introduction, pages [1]-2.


Bosch, Wouter

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Rivers, Jack L.
James, William Joseph
Lorey, G. Edwin


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Steel -- Corrosion -- Measurement
Protective coatings -- Corrosion
Primers (Coating)
X-rays -- Diffraction -- Measurement

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T 1290

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