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Liang Li


"The first part of the thesis presents the computation of power / ground plane pair inductance based on Partial Element Equivalent Circuit (PEEC) method in power distribution network (PDN) design. An efficient approach for the inductance computation is investigated. Speed-up techniques are employed include using the faster decay of mutual coupling due to the "differential" currents (same magnitude but opposite directions) in the two planes. Also, an approximate rectangular mesh reduction method is introduced which allows a local increase in mesh density.

The second part presents a measurement-based data-processing approach to obtain parameters of multiple current components through a bulk decoupling capacitor for power integrity studies. A lab-made low-cost current probe is developed to measure the induced voltage due to the time-varying switching current. Then, a post data-processing procedure is introduced to separate and obtain the parameters of multiple current components.

The third part proposes a measurement methodology, when IC information is not available, to obtain the equivalent switching current of each IC in the case where multiple ICs are connected to a common power island structure. Time-domain oscilloscope measurements are used to capture the noise-voltage waveforms at a few locations in the power island. Combining with the multi-port frequency-domain S-parameter measurement among the same locations, an equivalent switching current for each IC is calculated. The proposed method is validated at a different location in the power island by comparing the calculated noise voltage using the equivalent switching currents as excitations with the actual measured noise voltage"--Abstract, page iv.


Fan, Jun, 1971-

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Beetner, Daryl G.
Ruehli, Albert E.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2012

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Accurate and efficient computation of power plane pair inductance
  • Measurement of multiple switching current components through a bulk decoupling capacitor
  • Switching-current measurement for multiple ICs sharing a common power island structure


xii, 97 pages


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Electronic circuit design
Integrated circuit layout
Radio frequency integrated circuits
Switching circuits

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T 10121

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