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"Infrared reflectivity measurements have been made on single crystal CdS. Classical dispersion analysis has been used in an analysis of the data to obtain the index of refraction, the extinction index, and the dispersion parameters. These are compared with previously published results. The procedure used in this analysis has been outlined for future reference. Also, the shallow donor impurity theory has been used to numerically calculate the d±1 levels for Si and Ge. The theory is extended for the case of the impurity in the bulk semiconductor and the d₀, d±2 and, for high n, the s, p₀, and p±1 levels are found. Generalized energy equations, trial wave functions, effective Bohr radii, and some relative electric-dipole transition probabilities are given. In addition, the longitudinal optical phonon-plasmon interaction theory of Varga is compared with experiment for several concentrations of Ga doped CdS. Phonon damping is introduced in the Varga dielectric function resulting in a more realistic reflectivity over the entire resonance region. Finally, transmittance measurements have been made on "Cer-vit" glass-ceramic between 0.1920 and 1200 micrometers. The index of refraction is calculated from the observed channel spectra in the region between 200 and 1200 micrometers"--Abstract, page ii.


Bell, Robert John, 1934-

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Mayhan, Kenneth G.
Tefft, Wayne E., 1929-1973



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M.S. in Physics


University of Missouri at Rolla

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  • Far infrared optical constants in cadmium sulfide
  • Surface and bulk impurity eigenvalues in the shallow donor impurity theory
  • Longitudinal optical phonon-plasmon coupling in CdS
  • Transmittance of Cer-vit glass-ceramic in the ultraviolet, visible, infrared, and submillimeter wavelength regions


vi, 62 pages


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Cadmium sulfide photoconductive cells
Cadmium sulfide
Far infrared lasers

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T 2115

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