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"The recent interest in municipal refuse recycling has brought about the development of several systems for separation of the refuse into components. One of the components reclaimed is a glass-rich fraction which, although primarily glass, contains various non-glass materials which the system is not able to remove. Clean waste glass can be used as an asphaltic concrete aggregate, and it would be desirable to use this glass-rich fraction in a similar manner. However, the effect, if any, of the non-glass components on the properties of an asphaltic mixture must be determined in order to utilize the glass-rich fraction with a minimum of processing. Objectives of this research were to determine the characteristics of the glass-rich fraction from several municipal refuse recycling systems, to evaluate any effects of the non-glass components upon the Marshall properties of glasphalt, and finally to design a glass-asphalt mixture using the unsorted glass-rich fraction. Samples of glass-rich fractions were obtained from several sources, characterized, and sorted into various identifiable glass and non-glass categories. Material from each of the categories was substituted into a control glasphalt mixture to determine the individual effects on the Marshall properties. A glass-asphalt mixture was then designed using the unsorted glass-rich fraction from one of the systems. Waste glass from municipal refuse recycling systems can be used as an aggregate in asphaltic concrete. Characteristics of the glass-rich fraction varied depending upon the system from which it came. None of the fractions examined had an adequate gradation to be used exclusively in an asphaltic mix, so it was necessary to utilize an additional aggregate. The non-glass materials affected the mix properties. The largest effect was an increase in air voids with straight substitution and no alteration of the mix. The other properties also varied, depending on the kind of non-glass component"--Abstract, pages ii-iii.


Malisch, Ward R.

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Wixson, Bobby G.
Rockaway, John D.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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M.S. in Civil Engineering


Glass Container Manufacturers Institute


University of Missouri--Rolla

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x, 53 pages


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Pavements, Asphalt concrete -- Testing
Asphalt concrete -- Additives
Waste products as road materials -- Testing

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T 2715

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