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"The object of this investigation was to study the mass and heat transport phenomena through porous, water-repellent membranes. The investigation concerned the rate of vaporization of salt water at a porous membrane surface, mass transfer of vapor through the pores of the membrane, condensation of vapor on the other surface of the membrane in contact with a coolant (fresh water), and the undesired heat transfer by conduction through the membrane. The water-repellent membrane separated the two liquid phases by surface tension forces and provided a vapor phase in its pores. Membranes made of fiberglass and Teflon had been found suitable for this study, and were used throughout the investigation with several different thickness. The temperature difference between the two liquid phases maintained the driving force - the corresponding vapor pressure difference - for mass transfer. Also it supplied the driving force for the undesired heat transfer across the membrane. Theoretical and empirical correlations were proposed to fit the experimental data. It was observed that diffusional resistance is the major rate controlling factor for mass transfer. The correlations developed predicted values of mass transfer coefficient reasonably close to the experimental values, but there were differences between the correlation for heat transfer coefficient and the experimental values. It was observed that the mass transfer rate ranged from 0.23 to 1.41 lb./ft.² hrs., with total heat transfer rates from 43.4 to 272 Btu.,/ft.² hr.. The mass transfer coefficients varied from 0.114 to 0.420 lb./ft.² hr. in. Hg.. The heat conducted through the membrane was used to calculate an overall heat transfer coefficients which varied from 5.6 to 21.9 Btu./ft.² hr. °F"--Abstract, page ii-iii.


Findley, Marshall E., 1927-1991

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Crosser, Orrin K.
Pagano, Sylvester J., 1924-2006
Chen, T. S.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


United States. Office of Saline Water


University of Missouri at Rolla

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Heat -- Transmission
Mass transfer
Membranes (Technology)
Porous materials
Transport theory

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T 2033

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