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"Much work has been done investigating the Kerr Electro-Optic effect and what physical properties of a substance lead to the occurrence of the phenomenon. Information now available indicates a relationship between molecular shape and orientation with the Kerr Effect, hence any added information increases the possibility for finding the exact relationship and the molecular structure of substances. The Kerr Effect, has been used in a number of applications other than for the study of molecular construction of matter. Many applications have been made to form Electro-Optic shutters. This field of work has been increased to include light flash production and even the measurement of high alternating current voltages. Kerr cells have also been employed for the determination of the velocity of light. Since the expanded interest in nuclear physics, the Kerr effect has been successfully employed in determining the relationship of electron energy and photon energy, enabling a closer approach to the answer of particle and wave relationships. Most of the Kerr Cells employed in these applications used a liquid dielectric, usually Nitrobenzene, and as a result were rather unwieldy. If a substance, a solid for instance, could be found that displayed a large Kerr Constant, as does Nitrobenzene, its use would be much preferable and could conceivably have more applications. An application that comes to mind is the possibility of an aerial camera with a Kerr Cell for both lens and shutter. Since Infra Red photography is used primarily in aerial work, a substance with a sizeable [sic] Kerr Constant at these wave lengths would be advantageous. For this reason, investigation of the Kerr Electro-Optic property of several plastic materials was investigated using near infra-red radiation"--Introduction, page 1-2.


Harvalik, Z. V.



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M.S. in Physics


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Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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