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"The term wave guide refers to a hollow conducting tube (usually of rectangular or circular cross section) filled with a dielectric (or vacuum) and used for the transmission of electromagnetic waves. We shall consider the guide to be bounded by a perfect conductor and to be filled with a lossless homogeneous isotropic dielectric (or vacuum). The electromagnetic wave in the guide must of course satisfy Maxwell's equation. It must also satisfy the boundary condition that there be no tangential component of electric field at the surface of the conductor. If the electromagnetic waves traveling along the guide meet a discontinuity or irregularity in the guide then there will be a part of the energy reflected back in the direction from which it came and a part of the energy transmitted on down the guide...The present paper considers the TE₁,₀ mode with the electric vector normal to the plane of the corner. Equations are derived involving the amplitudes of the reflected and transmitted waves and an infinite series of constants. It is hoped that in the consideration of specific cases it will be possible to obtain approximate numerical values of the amplitudes of the reflected and transmitted waves by using only a finite and practical number of terms in the infinite series, although time has not permitted an attempt to carry out any actual numerical computations in this thesis"--Introduction, page 1-3.


Fisher, Edward



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M.S. in Physics


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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iv, 75 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 83-84).


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Electromagnetic waves -- Transmission
Wave guides -- Design

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