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Modulus of rupture


"Investment casting is a metal casting process in which a ceramic mold is created around a disposable pattern using dip coating. The fine silica flour making up most of the mold gives the benefits of a smooth internal mold surface and high density. The high density allows for investment casting molds to be thinner and lighter than sand-based molds, but gives substantially smaller gaps between particles for air flow. This research focused on the design and improvement of the formulation for making investment casting molds with customizable physical properties. Properties of the molds, specifically flexural strength, permeability, and physical structure, were monitored and used as references for optimizing the formulation. Experiments were performed for this research to determine preferred parameters: size range of the stucco particles, the ceramic slurry viscosity, and whether sacrificial particles should be added to the slurry to increase pore volume and in what concentrations. It was determined that thicker molds displayed higher strength, but slower air expulsion rates through them when compared to thinner molds. Factors that increased mold thickness included applying larger diameter stucco particles, using more viscous ceramic slurry that gives a higher coating thickness, and applying additional coating layers. Factors to increase volumetric air flow through the mold include applying fewer coating layers, using less viscous slurry to change from a layered to a monolithic mold structure and decrease apparent density, and increasing the size and concentration of pores within the mold"--Abstract, page 3.


Richards, Von

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Smith, Jeffrey D.
Peaslee, Kent D., 1956-2013


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


United States. Department of Defense


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2010


xiii, 104 pages


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Metal castings industry
Precision casting -- Permeability

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