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" 'Alkyd’ is a word coined by Kienle in 1927 to designate a class of synthetic resins which include the complexes resulting from the reaction of polyhydric alcohols and resinifying carboxylic organic aromatic acids or their anhydrides. The word in a broad sense is generally considered to apply to many modifications of these resins - drying, semi-drying and non-drying oil-modified alkyds. It was derived from the words alcohol and acid by combining “al” and “cid” and for euphony changing the ”cid” to “kyd” – al(cid)kyd.

Compounds having rings composed solely of carbon atoms are called homocyclic compounds or carbocyclic compounds. When other atoms are incorporated into the ring we have heterocyclic compounds. Broadly speaking, any compound with one or more atoms other than carbon in a ring is a heterocyclic compound, even if it is a derivative of an open chain compound like dithiopropionic acid, C2H5-CS2H. Among the atoms, other than carbon, present in rings are nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur or less familiar atoms such as selenium, phosphorous, etc.

There are several variables which must be taken into consideration in the preparation of heterocyclic alkyd resin. These include proper selection of heterocyclic dibasic acids, polyhydric alcohols, fatty acids, temperature, pressure, inert gas, catalyst and cooking technique.

Because alkyd resins manufactured from ortho- and meta-phthalic acids are widely used in the paint industry, it was the purpose of this research project to prepare heterocyclic alkyd resins from various pyridine dicarboxylic acids and polyhydric alcohols such as ethylene glycol and glycerol.

The purpose of this investigation then was to evaluate if: (1) There is a possibility of preparing heterocyclic alkyd resins similar to or better than conventional alkyd resins. (2) To examine the physical and chemical properties of varnishes prepared from a heterocyclic alkyd resin and compare these to those of alkyd resin varnishes"--Introduction, pages 1-2.


Bosch, Wouter

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Rankin, Rolfe M., 1892-1974
Conrad, Frank H., 1902-1983
Rivers, Jack L.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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vii, 73 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 69-70).


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Heterocyclic compounds -- Analysis
Gums and resins, Synthetic -- Analysis

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