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"Nanotechnology is soon predicted to replace the CMOS technology, as current CMOS lithographic techniques will become void for complex IC designs with smaller feature size, and are hence incapable of keeping up with Moore's law. The devices in nanotechnology are fabricated using bottom up self-assembly. Memristor is one promising nanotech device which can replace the transistor used as a switch or memory device as it is just half the size and uses only fraction of the energy. This work considers Memristor Look Up Table (MLUT) design, which is a building block for asynchronous FPGAs built with memristors. In spite of having numerous merits over the clocked counterparts and previous asynchronous designs, it is bound to have inevitable defects due to non-deterministic nanoscale assembly. In order to assess the reliability of MLUT and ensure the efficient usage, there is a need to develop efficient testing and reconfiguration techniques.

This thesis is composed of two papers. In paper I, a novel testing scheme based on "Divide and Conquer" approach is proposed to efficiently locate the defective memristors in a MLUT. This scheme leverages on special current additive property of the memristor based multiplexer. Once the defects are located, there is a need to check if the defects can be tolerated and the defective MLUT still be used. Paper II discusses a hardware based reconfiguration scheme which relies on reusability of defective MLUTs by using the property of defect hiding. This approach uses the information provided by the testing algorithm in paper I. An efficient programming methodology based on the special property is introduced, which has a speed up of nearly 80% for device programming"--Abstract, page iv.


Choi, Minsu

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Zawodniok, Maciej Jan, 1975-
Shi, Yiyu


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Computer Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2011

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  • Novel "Divide and Conquer" testing technique for Memristor based lookup table


xi, 67 pages

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Computer programs -- Defects
Memristors -- Testing
Synchronous data transmission systems

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T 9927

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