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"The anaerobic filter is essentially a plug-flow, packed-bed, column type reactor in which the anaerobic bacteria responsible for the waste stabilization are attached to the filter media. This process is a relatively new concept in waste treatment which has been used only in laboratory studies. The objective of this study was to evaluate anaerobic filter performance when used to treat an actual industrial waste under controlled conditions of flow rate, organic strength and temperature.

Four 0.5 cu ft (14.25 l) laboratory filters were operated for 180 days at 35° C using a pharmaceutical waste as the substrate. By varying influent waste concentrations from 1,000 to 16,000 mg/l COD and varying detention times from 12 to 48 hrs, a range of organic loadings from 13.8 to 220 lb COD/1000 cu ft/day (0.221 to 3.52 kg COD/cu m/day were produced. Filter performance was determined by monitoring selected parameters which included: COD removal, gas production, suspended solids, alkalinity, and volatile acids.

The anaerobic filter was found to be an effective process for the treatment of the pharmaceutical waste studied, COD removals ranged from 80 to 98 percent for the investigated range of loading conditions. The filter also appeared to recover rapidly from shock loading conditions since instantaneous changes in loading conditions did not result in process failure"--Abstract, page ii.


Jennett, J. Charles

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Modesitt, Donald E.
Webb, William H.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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M.S. in Civil Engineering


United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Water Programs


This study was supported ln part by Professional Training Grant No. 1B2-WB-27801 and T-900121 from the Office of Water Programs, Environmental Protection Agency


University of Missouri--Rolla

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Sewage -- Purification -- Anaerobic treatment -- Design
Pharmaceutical industry -- Waste disposal
Anaerobic bacteria

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