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"The power plant, the design of which is submitted herewith, is to be erected in Turkey, at the center of the town of Kestik, in the district of Mudanya along the shores of the Marmora Sea. Mudanya is the harbor of the state of Brusa, and like most of the big cities, it is entirely electrified. However, electrification in Turkey has begun in the late twenty's; consequently, it has not yet been possible to bring electricity to the numerous small towns and villages. Several big projects have been undertaken for purposes of rural electrification, one of them being the erection of a 120,000 KVA hydro-electric power plant at the Sakarya River, to be interconnected with the power stations of Istanbul and Catalagzi, thus providing power to the entire district between Istanbul, the biggest port of Turkey, and Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Other similar undertakings are the erection of hydro-electric power plants at the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

This present power plant, however, is not such a big project. It will only provide the necessary power for a factory to be erected in the district; however, it is planned that the power plant will supply electricity to the town of Kestik where it is located. The town is a very small one, and its needs are estimated to be about 200 kw increasing during the next five years to a maximum of 400 kw.

The complete list of the loads the power plant has to supply is tabulated below:

A.- About 400 motors of the factory rating from one to 20 horsepower, with a total of 4000 horsepower. Forty per cent of this motor load may be expected to occur with-out interruption at day and night; the other motors will operate during the day shift only.

B.- Besides these 400 small-size motors, three motors of 75 horsepower and two motors of 120 horsepower rated output will work during the day shift.

C.- The factory will include an electrolytic process working without interruption at a rate of 500 kw and needing a maximum voltage of 110 volts.

D.- Additional loads of 250 kw for lighting within the factory and administration buildings, 100 kw for the residential settlements, and 80 kw for the ground-water pumping station will be supplied by the power plant.

E.- And finally the electricity for the town of Kestik will be supplied by the power plant as mentioned previously.

Throughout the entire work, it has been the aim of the designer to provide higher economy, reliability of service, operating convenience, and safety. However, in the present work, which is the electrical design of the power plant, several details concerning the mechanical side of the design have been omitted. Assumptions are made when necessary"--Introduction, pages 1-2.


Zaborszky, John


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Mudanya (Bursa İli, Turkey)


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