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"The purpose of this investigation was to obtain a correlation for drag reducing solutions in circular tubes under turbulent conditions. Data were taken for three polymer-solvent systems: polymethyl methacrylate V-100 (Mv ~ 110,000) in toluene, polyisobutylene L-200 (Mv ~ 4,700,000) in toluene, and polyisobutylene L-200 in cyclohexane. The data from the two polyisobutylene systems, together with other data on polymethyl methacrylate G (Mv ~ 1,500,000) in toluene and polyisobutylene L-80 (Mv ~ 860,000) in cyclohexane, were used to attempt to obtain the correlation. The V-100 solutions were not used because they were not drag reducing.

The variables that were believed to affect drag, reduction were considered and three dimensionless groups were used as the correlating groups. These groups were: a generalized Reynolds Number (NRe' ), a Deborah Number, which is the ratio of the relaxation time of the polymer molecules to a characteristic flow time of the system, and a friction factor ratio. Two different characteristic flow times were used: D/V and n/Tw],which gave rise to two Deborah Numbers. Also, three friction factor ratios were considered.

The data were studied by plotting two of the groups and using the third one as a parameter. Several concentrations of each polymer-solvent system were studied individually and the relationships obtained were compared to attempt to obtain a correlation independent of concentration….

Several methods for predicting friction factors with some accuracy were developed, but these methods only applied to a given concentration of a system. A relationship between a modified shear stress and velocity that applied to all concentrations of a polymer-solvent system was also obtained, but this method- does not allow accurate predictions of pressure drops"--Abstract, pages vii-viii.


Zakin, J. L.

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Roach, D. Vincent
Strunk, Mailand R., 1919-2008
Patterson, G. K. (Gary Kent), 1939-


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


Petroleum Research Fund


University of Missouri at Rolla

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viii, 133 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 129-131).


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Drags (Hydrography)
Polymers -- Analysis

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T 1929

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