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"An Automatic Data Acquisition System for determining the Voltage/Current characteristics of semiconductor devices is presented. The system is capable of measuring currents in the range from 10-10 amperes to 200 milliamperes. The system includes various pieces of commercially available equipment plus several pieces of specially designed and fabricated equipment.

The system yields a maximum of 59 data points each for both the base and collector characteristics of the transistor tested. The system is designed to perform a particular sequence of events. These events are controlled by a specially designed and fabricated piece of equipment called the Control Center.

The Sampling Resistance alternately is switched into the base lead and collector lead of the transistor being tested and may have any of nine possible discrete values. An autoranging procedure selects one of the nine possible values using the voltage drop across the Sampling Resistance as a criterion. Base-emitter bias voltage and collector supply voltage are provided by commercial power supplies.

The data is recorded by commercially available equipment and then provided to a computer for the data reduction process which yields the required V/I characteristics.

This system is the fifth generation of a system originally developed at Sandia Laboratory. In the present system a cost saving of $9,000 has been realized by the use of equipment specially designed and fabricated by the author. In addition, the present system is lighter in weight, more compact, and more versatile than the previous versions"--Abstract, pages ii-iii.


Goben, C. A.

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Harden, Richard C.
Park, John T.
Bolon, Albert E., 1939-2006


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


University of Missouri at Rolla

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x, 94 pages

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Automatic data collection systems -- Design
Electric currents -- Measurement
Semiconductors -- Testing

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T 1959

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