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Won Ho Kim


"The object of this research is to design, construct and calibrate an apparatus suitable for electromagnetic model studies. A portion of the thesis is devoted to general review and theoretical consideration of electromagnetic prospecting.

Theoretical analysis of electromagnetic survey data by mathematical methods can only be carried out for simple idealized subsurface conditions. Because of the difficulties of theoretical solutions, in contrast to the simplicity of the conditions of similitude in electromagnetic exploration, a model experiment offers a very useful means of studying and comparing the response of naturally occuring conducting mineral bodies.

An apparatus suitable for inductive-electromagnetic model studies with which an extensive study of the electromagnetic response of various kinds of geometric shapes of models can be carried out has been designed. The apparatus is designed to give a linear dimension scale factor of 500 and to use exciting frequency in the model system of 500 cycles per second which gives a frequency scale factor of 2. Aluminum conductors in the model correspond to earth conductors with resistivity of 1.3 ohm-cm.

In the described system, two small coils at a fixed distance apart, one acting as source and the other as receiving coil, are moved over a conductive material. The resulting field in the receiving coil is compared in amplitude and phase angle with the field in the transmitting coil. Results obtained from the model experiment were plotted as curves which show the relationship of amplitude ratio and relative phase angle with respect to position of the conductive material, and the response curves are directly applicable to interpretation of the field results"--Abstract, pages i-ii.


Zenor, Hughes M., 1908-2001

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Vaughn, George E., Jr., 1925-1997
Maxwell, James C.
Rupert, Gerald B., 1930-2016


Mining Engineering

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M.S. in Mining Engineering


A diagram, unnumbered, is inserted between pages 41 and 42 in the manuscript.


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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viii, 64 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (page 63).


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Electric prospecting
Scientific apparatus and instruments -- Design and construction
Geophysical instruments -- Design and construction -- Testing

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T 1337

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