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Laser Aided Manufacturing Process (LAMP)


"This thesis presents the research and development of a real-time vision system and integration of various subsystems to build the hybrid system for the Laser aided manufacturing process (LAMP), being developed at the University of Missouri--Rolla. A description of the real-time control architecture, showing the interaction of the real-time controller with various sensors and subsystems to monitor and regulate the process is presented.

Control of melt pool geometry is important for ensuring the final product quality since the bead size significantly influences the joint strength. However, during the deposition process, impurities and the plume present around the pool complicate the image processing thus making the real-time precise measurement of pool geometry a difficult task. A coaxial view of the melt pool provides us with a symmetrical image making it easier to compute the geometrical dimensions. In order to monitor the melt pool geometry in real-time, a novel intelligent vision system was setup. The proposed system consists of a CMOS sensor with an on-board DSP processing system that processes images in real-time and provides the processed output through serial port to a real-time controller. Experiments were conducted to calibrate the image sensor to reduce the FPN noise and to improve the image resolution by fine-tuning the sensor parameters. An adaptive image-processing algorithm was developed to reduce the noise in the image and to extract the weld pool information. It is shown that the vision system along with proposed algorithms calculates the pool geometry with sufficient accuracy in less than 100ms"--Abstract, page iv.


Liou, Frank W.
Agarwal, Sanjeev, 1971-

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Stigall, Paul D.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Computer Engineering


University of Missouri--Rolla

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Spring 2003

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  • Empirical modeling and vision based control for laser aided metal deposition process
  • System integration and real-time control architecture of a laser aided manufacturing process
  • Real-time DSP processor based embedded vision of laser aided manufacturing processes


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Manufacturing processes
Signal processing -- Digital techniques
Real-time control

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T 8252

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