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"Approximately 240 gamma ray-neutron logs were interpreted and correlated in an attempt to isolate separate channels collectively referred to as "Squirrel" sands in the upper Cherokee and lower Marmaton (Pennsylvanian) rocks of Jackson and Cass counties, Missouri. Isopach maps were prepared for two of the identifiable fluvial sandstones and a structure map was drawn on the laterally extensive Anna Shale.

The term "Squirrel" has been applied to as many as five different sandstone packages, and thus, has been the source of a great deal of confusion. In an attempt to sort out the confusion this thesis recognizes and defines three distinct "Squirrel" facies plus two non-"Squirrel" facies.

Interpretation of the data suggests that three major depositional systems are associated with the Pennsylvanian cyclothems of western Missouri: (1) a marine system dominated by shales and limestones, (2) a delta-strand plain system, represented by interdistributary shales and thin distributary channel sandstones, and (3) a fluvial system, represented by thick channel sandstones and associated overbank deposits.

The thick, fluvial channel sandstones were probably deposited as point bar sequences on a series of meandering streams. The channels scour into underlying deposits and commonly cut down to previously deposited sandstones. Thick (60 feet, 18.3 meters or more) sequences of laterally discontinuous sandstones are considered to represent vertically stacked channels.

Regional structures in Jackson and Cass counties are related to downwarp during development of the Forest City Basin. Local anticlines that influence hydrocarbon accumulation are at least partially attributable to differential compaction around sandstone channels"--Abstract, pages ii-iii.


Laudon, Robert C.

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Spreng, Alfred C., 1923-2012
Harvey, A. Herbert


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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M.S. in Geology and Geophysics


Three maps on three folded leaves in pocket have been added here as supplemental files below.


University of Missouri--Rolla

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Summer 1984


x, 71 pages, maps

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 64-69).

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Jackson County, Missouri
Cass County, Missouri

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T 5087

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Structure Map on Top of the Anna Member of the Pawnee Formation

Carroll_Stephen_1984_plate_2.tif (223518 kB)
Isopach of Englevale Sandstone Member and Unnamed Labette Channel

Carroll_Stephen_1984_plate_3.tif (223741 kB)
Isopach of Upper Squirrel Sandstone Channel


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