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"The classical trajectory Monte Carlo method has been used to investigate the ionization of atoms and molecules by intense electric fields. Final state energy and momentum spectra are presented for products resulting from collisions between highly- charged ions (C⁶⁺, Xe¹⁹⁺) and diatomic molecules (H2, HD, D2). A wide range of collision energies have been used in order to investigate the ionization and energy sharing mechanisms. For collision energies E > 1 keV/u, Franck-Condon energy sharing is observed between the dissociating ionic cores. However, major differences from the Franck-Condon energy distribution are observed for collision energies E < 1 keV/u. At these low energies the center of mass of the molecule recieves a sizable amount of energy from the impacting highly-charged ion.

This method has also been used to investigate the ionization of neon atoms by an intense laser field. Energy and momentum specta are presented for laser intensities ranging from 3 x 1014 to 3 x 1015 W/cm2. Differential cross sections for the ionized electron are found to be similar at all intensities for electron energies E < 2Up , where Up is the ponderomotive energy. For electron energies E > 2Up, however, the differential cross sections have a strong intensity dependence. The calculations demonstrate the field intensity dependence of rescattering of the electron by the Ne+ ion"--Abstract, page iv.


Olson, Ronald E.

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Peacher, Jerry
Kohser, Ronald A.



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M.S. in Physics


I acknowledge the support of the University of Missouri--Rolla, the University of Missouri--Rolla Physics Department, and the United States Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences for financial support of this work.


University of Missouri--Rolla

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Spring 2000

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Fragmentation of H2 and HD molecules by C6+ Impact
  • Five-body Calculations of D2 Fragmentation by Xe19+ Impact
  • Single Ionization of Ne by Intense Laser Fields


ix, 62 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (page 57).


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