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"To expand on previous research concerning perforated cold-formed steel web elements, an experimental investigation was conducted to examine the influence of reinforcement on the behavior and strength of single web flexural members with web openings. In current design practice, reduction factors are applied to the strength equations to account for the debilitating effect of web openings. This reduction in capacity may lead to the selection of a greater member thickness or depth than would be required of a solid web member. A more economical approach may be to reinforce the web in the proximity of the opening to increase the capacity to that of its solid web counterpart.

In considering various options for reinforcement, an effort was made to utilize cold- form construction materials already on site, thus eliminating the need to supply material specifically for the purpose of reinforcement. Additionally, common construction practice requires the presence of additional material at the end support which can serve a secondary purpose of reinforcing the web at a location where failure due to web crippling is critical. The intent of this research was to study the influence of stiffener configurations on the behavior and strength of perforated web elements and to determine the adequacy of the reinforcement in increasing the web strength of the reinforced member to that of its solid web counterpart. Due to the preliminary nature of the study, a limited number of tests were performed for each stiffener configuration. Therefore, no design equations were developed, but based on the test results, recommendations were made for future study"--Abstract, page iii.


LaBoube, Roger A.

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Yu, Wei-wen, 1924-
Carroll, Douglas R.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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M.S. in Civil Engineering


This material is based upon work supported under a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.


University of Missouri--Rolla

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Fall 1997


x, 54 pages

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