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Data management and curation is a new challenge with the emerging trend of data-dependent scholarly research. Due to the lack of common standards and best practices, current data management and curation practices have been varied. This poster presents a project that examines the common practices of data management and curation that helps understand the scope of and factors behind such variations. The sample of this study consists of 171 unique data repositories created by 164 institutions from 95 countries worldwide. The preliminary results indicate that data management and curation is a global issue. Currently, academic institutions and government agencies are the leading force in contributing and sharing data. Data repositories are used for various purposes with international repository and learning resources being the most common use cases. Additionally, system functions used to manage data repositories vary to a great extent with statistics and OAI harvesting being the most common ones.

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78th Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 2015 ASIS&T (2015: Nov. 6-10, St. Louis, MO)


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data curation; Data management; DSpace; institutional repository

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