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In this paper, we investigated the genres of learning objects (LOs) within eight e-learning courses that provide boating safety instruction in the United States. Guided by findings from our literature review, five genres of LOs emerged during the analysis, including interactive and non-interactive graphics, interactive and non-interactive animations, and interactive text feedback. We surveyed the use of each genre of LOs within the courses and found that more non-interactive LOs than interactive LOs were adopted. Also, interactive text feedback was the most popular interactive genre available for seven courses. In our discussion, we explore potential management mechanisms of LOs in digital repositories. Our genre analysis provides a foundation for appropriate deconstruction of LOs into components, which can assist with the management of digital repositories. Effective deconstruction of LOs allows instructors and designers to successfully discover LOs that they need and reuse them in new learning units.


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Boating instruction; Digital repository; e-Learning; Genre analysis; Learning object

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