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Tuesday, November 8th
12:00 AM

Low-strain-hardening Ductile-steel Cold-formed Members

Roger A. LaBoube, Missouri University of Science and Technology
J. N. Macadam
E. J. Schneider
Roger L. Brockenbrough
Teoman Peköz

12:00 AM

High Strength Steel Members with Unstiffened Compression Elements

Lan-Cheng Pan
Wei-Wen Yu, Missouri University of Science and Technology

12:00 AM

Some Studies on Cold-formed Steel Sections with Web Openings

K. S. Sivakumaran

12:00 AM

The Structural Design of Light Gauge Silo Hoppers

John Michael Rotter

12:00 AM

Industrialized Housing with Cold-formed Sheet-steel Elements

J. O. Bats
J. F. G. Janssen

12:00 AM