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Tuesday, November 8th
12:00 AM

Behavior of Continuous Span Purlin Systems

Roger A. LaBoube, Missouri University of Science and Technology
M. Golovin
D. J. Montague
D. C. Perry
L. L. Wilson

12:00 AM

To the Load Carrying Capacity of Cold-formed Purlins

Joachim Lidner

12:00 AM

Development and Design Analysis of a New Purlin System

J. Rhodes
J. Zaras

12:00 AM

New Design Method for Cold-formed Purlins

Frans Soetens
A. W. Toma

12:00 AM

Selecting the Optimum Lipped Channel Beam

Nae-Sheng Chang
Duane S. Ellifritt

12:00 AM

Theory of Cold-formed Steel Purlin/girt Flexure

Robert W. Haussler

12:00 AM