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Thursday, June 1st
12:00 AM

AISI's Cold-formed Steel Design Specification

Albert L. Johnson

12:00 AM

Load and Resistance Factor Design of Cold-formed Steel Structural Members

Trinh-Ngoc Rang
Theodore V. Galambos
Wei-Wen Yu, Missouri University of Science and Technology
M. K. Ravindra

12:00 AM

Generalized Geometric Programming in Cold Formed Steel Design

S. Ramamurthy
R. H. Gallagher

12:00 AM

Strength of Buckled Rectangular Plates

Yei L. Tien
Shien T. Wang

12:00 AM

Local Buckling of Cold Formed Steel Members

Venkatakrishnan Kalyanaraman

12:00 AM

Edge Stiffeners for Cold-formed Steel Members

Teoman Peköz,
George Winter
T. P. Desmond

12:00 AM

Light Gauge Steel Cylindrical Shells

Michael J. Davies
James G. Young

12:00 AM