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Monday, November 24th
12:00 AM

Buckling of Plates and Beam Sections under Stress Gradient

Shien T. Wang
Yei L. Tien

12:00 AM

Nonlinear Behavior of Continuous Cold-formed Beams

Ken P. Chong
David M. Mosier

12:00 AM

Postbuckling Behaviour of a Webplate under Partial Edge Loading

Debal K. Bagchi
K. C. Rockey

12:00 AM

Experiments on Trapezoidal Steel Sheets in Bending

Allan Bergfelt
Bo Edlund
Hans Larsson

12:00 AM

Study of Cold-formed Steel Beam Webs Subjected to Bending Stress

Roger A. LaBoube, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Wei-Wen Yu, Missouri University of Science and Technology

12:00 AM

Interaction of Concentrated Load and Bending

George D. Ratliff Jr.

12:00 AM

Failure of Thin-walled Members under Patch Loading

M. Elgaaly

12:00 AM

Sheet Metal Panels for Use in Construction

Rolf Baehre

12:00 AM

Blast-resistant Design of Cold-formed Steel Panels

Albert R. Ammar
George S. Tseng
John J. Healey

12:00 AM