November 24-25, 1975 (St. Louis, Missouri)

Presented by: Department of Civil Engineering University of Missouri - Rolla

Sponsored by: American Iron and Steel Institute, University of Missouri - Rolla Extension Division

In Cooperation with: ASCE Task Committee on Cold-Formed Steel Members, Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute, Column Research Council Task Group on Thin-Walled Metal Construction, Metal Building Manufacturers Association, Rack Manufacturer's Institute, Steel Deck Institute

Edited by: Wei-Wen Yu and Joseph H. Senne

Conference Directors: Wei-Wen Yu, Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Missouri - Rolla; Chairman, ASCE Committee on Cold-Formed Members

Planning Committe: S.J. Errera - Bethlehem Steel Corporation; Representative of the CRC Task Group on Thin-Walled Metal Construction N.R. Fleming - UMR; Representative of the UMR Extension Division A.L. Johnson - AISI; Advisor D.L. Johnson - Butler Manufacturing Company; Representative of MBMA T.J. Jones - Wheeling Corrugating Company; Representative of the AISI Sheet Committees H. Klein - Sturdi-Bilt; Representative of the RMI S.A. Roehrig - Roll Form Products, Inc.; Representative of SDI J.H. Senne - UMR; Representative of the UMR Department of Civil Engineering D.L. Tarlton - Representative of CSSBI G. Winter - Cornell University; Advisor D.S. Wolford - Armco Steel Corporation; Advisor W.W. Yu - UMR; Representative of the ASCE Committee on Cold-Formed Members

Browse the contents of (1975) - 3rd International Specialty Conference on Cold-Formed Steel Structures:

Technical Session No. 1 - Plate Buckling and Compression Members
Technical Session No. 2 - Beams and Steel Panels
Technical Session No. 3 - Shear Diaphragms, Stressed-Skin Construction, Housing and Composite Design
Technical Session No. 4 - Special Problems on Analysis and Design